Greek Honey is considered Best in the World

There are more beehives in Greece than any other country in Europe, so it comes as no surprise that Greek honey is considered the best in the world.

Honey is the first traditional sweetener used by Greeks since antiquity.

Honey along with olives & grapes formed the beginnings of Greek gastronomy. Greek honey is one of the most nutritional, natural foods, filled with antioxidants.

Greek honey is considered to be some of the finest on a global scale due to the unlimited summer sun, the biodiversity of the countryside plus the rich variety of Greek flora, which includes over 850 species found nowhere else in the world.

Scientists and botanists consider Greece a country with the richest flora in the Mediterranean basin, (7,500 different species of herbs, plants, wild flowers & trees).

Greek honeys are richer in aromatic substances, compared to other honeys produced in other countries; they have less humidity, which means they are denser and richer.

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3 Responses

  1. Kari Lindberg says:

    White sugar, yes but it is imported from south.

  2. Mart says:

    Finland but the honey there is made of white sugar

  3. Kari Lindberg says:

    Well i agree greek honey is liquid gold. About sunlight… its dark at night….. about environmental dirt chemicals and so on there is one country where it is not dark at night and sun is not burning hot thru daytime. Allmost nobody lives there and there is about 160000 lakes. Winter kills all materia that cannot survive cold. It is said the air in that country is the freshest in world… What is that country?

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