Flights schedule at Macedonia International Airport gradually returning to normal

The extreme weather conditions that hit Greece in the last 24 hours provoked problems in the operation of Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki.
Eleven flights with destination Macedonia airport did not land due to the low visibility that prevails from Friday, said the responsible for communication of Fraport Greece Yiannis Papazoglou to Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

The flights were from Larnaca, Athens, Heraklio, Amsterdam and London.
Papazoglou said that snow plough machines are continuously cleaning up the runways and the airport’s operation gradually returns to normal.
However, passengers due to fly from Macedonia airport should visit the website to be informed on the changes in the flights schedule.

 Aegean Airlines flight brought RyanAir passengers from Timisoara to Thessaloniki

An Aegean airlines aircraft transfered to Thessaloniki the 201 passengers of a RyanAir flight from London that did not land at Macedonia International Airport on Friday evening due to the adverse weather conditions and landed at Timisoara airport in Romania.

The Aegean aircraft left from Athens at 12:30 on Saturday for Timisoara Airport and took off from Romania at 15:00 (Athens time) with destination the airport of Thessaloniki.

The flight was conducted following Transport and Infrastructures Minister intervention Christos Spirtzis for the safe return of the passengers to Thessaloniki.

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