Roughly 60,000 citizens participated in the rally, police say

Our estimation is that the persons that provoked the incidents during the demonstration against the Prespes Agreement at Syntagma square on Sunday come from the extreme right. It was impossible for members of the anti-establishment groups that gathered at Propylea for their own rally to penetrate. After the end of their rally the members of the anti-establishment groups went to the district of Exarhia, police sources said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Meanwhile, police estimated that roughly 60,000 citizens participated in the rally. In parallel, 10 police officers were injured during clashes with a group of hooded-individuals.

A photoreporter was attacked and injured by a group of unknown individuals during the rally against Prespes Agreement on Sunday in Syntagma. Photoreporter Costis Dadamis is suffering from injuries on the head and is being hospitalised. 

According to Dadamis, two or three persons approached him and asked for his camera and when he did not hand it over to them they started kicking and hitting him and afterwards they stole his equipment. 

Maximos mansion: We must isolate and condemn those who want to dissolve the democracy

Unfortunately for once again extremists and Golden Dawn members in their attempt to invade the parliament with hoods, stones and clubs, attacked police officers and sent a large number of citizens to the hospitals, said Maximos mansion in an announcement on clashes during a rally in Athens against the Prespes Agreement on Sunday.

“In democracy, the free expression of the citizens is a non-negotiable right, even for those that wish to dissolve it because as they say, they believe that ‘the democracy sold out Macedonia’. At the same time, it is the duty and obligation of those who serve and believe in democracy to not allow it. We should isolate them and unequivocally condemn them”.

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