New system at Thessaloniki Airport to reduce low-visibility cancellations

The Thessaloniki Airport “Macedonia” will install a new system next fall that will help airplanes land during low-visibility conditions, it said on Wednesday, greatly reducing delays and cancellations of flights.

The Performance Based Navigation (PBN) system will be applied by the Civil Aviation Authority as of October 2019 and will include the use of satellite-based signals, Fraport Greece General Operations Manager Elias Maragakis told the press during a briefing.

PBN will supplement the current ILS Category II system on landing strips, and where the land conditions and laws allow.

Maragakis said the issue Thessaloniki Airport faces is complicated and relates to a combination of ground features and weather conditions, but it remains a safe airport where infrastructure is being upgraded. He noted that in 2018, passenger traffic rose by 7 percent, compared to 2017, with the number of total travellers reaching nearly 6.7 million.

A total of 64.1 million passengers travelled through all Greek airports in 2018. Of these, 29.9 million passengers came through the 14 regional airports Fraport manages.

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