Stray… souls

The voluntary group “Help Me to Be Able”, closing 3 years of offer and solidarity in our city, organizes the action “Stray Souls”, hoping that the stray animals will become less in number than the volunteers who take care of them.

No animals in the streets, no caged animals. All in loving families! The event will take place on February 2nd , 11:00 to 13:00, at the Central Market Square of Chania. In collaboration with the Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals”, we will collect food, sub sheets, gauze and veterinary and human medicines:

flagyl syroup,
augmentin pills/syroup,
tobrex eye ointment,
vet antiparasite pills, ampoules and collars . 

Food will be given to homeless people of our city, who take care of the stray animals! 
Let’s not take anybody or anything for granted, every day is a battle and a struggle.
Let’s have faith to the Good, to Man and to the Goal, for which everyone is struggling.
We thank you for your support and trust all these years…. Together we can and we will continue!!!

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