Region of Crete approves significant works for Apokoronas

Earlier in the week, the Regional Authority of Crete announced it approved Apokoronas plans for the improvement of the Vryses – Georgioupolis road. The work will be funded from the Region and a budget of € 850K has been set aside for the project.

The agreement was signed at a meeting between the regional Governor and Apokoronas mayor Koukianakis in Apokoronas 

During the meeting, there were discussions on the progress of the sewage treatment plant in Georgioupolis – expected to come online next year – and the technical report for the water network improvement, supported by a further €148K of regional funds. 

The regional governor also approved the study for the creation of 
10 circular walking paths with a total length of 120 km in Apokoronas. These will be developed in cooperation with Paths of Greece at an estimated cost of €238K.

Apokoronas mayor Koukianakis, in a statement, thanked the regional governor for the good long term working relationship and his help with funding significant projects in Apokoronas over the years. Mr Koukianakis stressed the importance of all the newly announced projects for the development of the municipality as a major tourist destination in Crete.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy to here that walking paths in Apokornas will be opened. I have had a holiday home here for 20 years and hiked many paths in this area old donkey paths over grown which locals shared with me. Such a beautiful place. Excellent news. Bravo.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    Babbas Koukinakis can agree to spending monies on various projects in Apokoronas but we still await a proper road here outside Xirosterni which we still are expecting after eighteen years.THere arte eighteen houses on our road and the demos can waste monies on resurfacing the existing road from Vamos to turn off for Litsarda but tell us that they have no monies.WE cannot take any more lies.We now demand that we get a proper surface on our road immediately.We dont want to hear that the demos have no money.Just look at the waste of money on the square in Georgioupolis with the water fountains. I rest my case.

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