Tsipras: Everyone starting to see that Greece is a different country

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras referred to the ratification of the Prespes Agreement while addressing a meeting of the cabinet on Monday, noting that it was a political and historical event that marks “the resolution of a historic outstanding issue with our neighbours, with North Macedonia. The passage to a new era of cooperation, solidarity and friendship in the Balkans. The defeat of nationalism, of nationalisms on both sides of the border, which is at the same time a victory for the forces that do not intend to leave the future of the two people to the merchants of hatred and peddlers of patriotism.”

The prime minister called Monday’s cabinet meeting ‘special’ for many different reasons. During his opening speech, he said that it was the first meeting held after parliament reaffirmed its confidence in the government “to proceed and complete a very important, for the Greek people, work with clear horizon, which is the end of the government’s term according to the Constitution, namely in autumn 2019”.   

Tsipras noted that a majority of the parliamentary deputies cast a vote of confidence in the government, recognising that the country and the economy need political stability and that “the huge institutional and social changes we have ahead of us must be implemented by a government that has proved it knows how and is able to do this.” 

This was “the government that led the country out of the regime of the programmes, the governement that managed to restore confidence and stability to the Greek economy and which had adjusted the public debt, making it sustainable and creating the conditions for its smooth refinancing,” he noted.

Tsipras also told cabinet ministers that Greece on Monday announced the issue of 5-year syndicated bond, launching its return to the international capital markets. 


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