Record levels of rainfall recorded for January

Very high levels of rainfall were recorded during the month of January across Greece, according to the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) weather service meteo.

In many NOA stations, the average monthly level was the highest ever recorded for the month of January.

Among others, unprecedented rainfall levels since the beginning of their operation were observed in the following stations:

Samaria, Crete, 653 mm (in operation since 2008);
Ikaria, 636 mm (since 2008);
Andritsaina, 588 mm (since 2008);
Dodoni, 490 mm (since 2011);
Steni, Evia, 444 mm (since 2008),
Kos, 351 mm (since 2013) and
Amorgos, 295 mm (since 2012).

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