VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Bridges collapsed, one man is missing, landslides all over Chania, major infrastructure destroyed!

One person is missing in Apokoronas, a historical bridge (Keritis) and many others collapsed, landslides occurred on the national road and in Chania Prefecture in total, after torrential rainfalls have been hitting the island of Crete since Sunday afternoon.

Crete remain at the focus of the bad weather front striking the island for second consecutive day.

A big Search and Rescue operation was launched on Monday morning, after a 61-year-old breeder from Embrosneros went missing as he tried to cross a swelling stream of Vatoudiaris river in Chania Prefecture.

It is the second time in less than two weeks that the island of Crete is hit by powerful rainfalls causing severe damages in the infrastructure.

Part of the historical Keritis bridge over Alikianos River, Platanias Municipality collapsed, despite the efforts to strengthen its foundation the previous days. The 111-year-old bridge was closed to traffic due to restoration works and opened again on Sunday afternoon. 

Also, part of the bridge in Platanias collapsed. Also, three other bridges collapsed in the Municipality of Platanias.


Platanias bridge
The collapse of Keritis’ Bridge
Vrisses, Apokoronas
Vrisses, Apokoronas
LIDL super market in Platanias

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  1. Jenny and Vic says:

    Oh no not our beautiful island of Crete .Thinking of our lovely friends ,be brave and stay strong our prayers are with you all

  2. WMI says:

    Be strong, my beloved Greece!

  3. Oh no! My beautifull Greece

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