Crete had 41 hours of non-stop rain on Feb. 24-26, meteo data shows

An analysis of the data concerning the destructive floods affecting Crete between February 24 and 26 has shown that rain fell on the island for 41 consecutive hours without stopping, the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) weather service announced on Tuesday.

The weather stations at Asi Gonia and Askyfos showed that the rain fell continuously throughout that time, reaching the greatest intensity in the six hours between 6:30 and 12:30 on Monday, February 25.

Based on meteo’s calculations, some 80 million cubic metres of water fell on an area of around 140 square kilometres to the east of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains) alone.

The NOA’s lightning detection system ‘Zeus’, meanwhile, detected more than 15,500 bolts of lightning around Crete.

The areas receiving the greatest volume of rain were two distinct regions of the Lefka Ori, one to the east where rainfall ranged between 500-600 mm, and a second to the northwest where monitors recorded 496 mm of rain.

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