Tender for Crete island’s Northern Motorway Axis proceeds to Stage 2

All the contenders claiming the construction of Crete’s Northern Motorway Axis (aka VOAK) upgrade project were qualified to the relevant tender’s next stage, ypodomes.com reports.

As it was announced yesterday, all participants have been approved, enabling the initiation of Stage B’. The road’s final route design has been finalized and the next step is its environmental licensing. After the approvals of all of the above, a date will be set for the submission of the technical and financial offers of the participating schemes that will decide the contractors of the projects that will transform VOAK into a modern, covered motorway.

As it has became known, Chania-Kissamos section was added, expanding considerably the road axis to be constructed that will now be: Kissamos-Chania-Hersonissos-Neapolis. The third section has been announced that it will be carried out as a public project.

The schemes that have passed to Stage B’ for Kissamos-Chania-Heraklion-Hersonissos section are:

  • 2.TERNA,
  • 3. J&P AVAX,
  • 4.VINCI,

Similarly, the participants for the PPP tender concerning Hersonissos-Neapolis section are as follows:

  • 2. TERNA,
  • 3. J&P AVAX (along with Marguerite Fund),

It is worth mentioning that each tender is totally independent making it possible for 2 different contractors to be finally awarded for the projects. Last but not least, the auctioning of the third section from Neapolis to Aghios Nikolaos is expected, as a public project, that will conclude the motorway system of Crete island. Contracting authority of this project is the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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