Bid to create Greece’s first ‘smoke-free’ beach

A collaboration between the Municipality of Serifos and the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation aims to make the island’s Vagia beach the first smoke-free one in the country.

The project envisages the creation of a designated area for smokers, with ashtrays bearing environmental messages aimed at sensitizing visitors to the polluting impact of cigarette stubs.

“The [long-term] aim of the effort to make Vagia the first smoking-free beach in the Cyclades is to raise awareness in all of us and to prevent marine pollution,” according to Angeliki Kosmopoulou, the foundation’s executive director. Similar projects have been carried out in France and Italy, she said.

The smoke-free beach initiative is part of the Sea Change Greek Islands project, which last year, starting in Sikinos, launched a drive to phase out the use of plastic bags and plastic straws.

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  1. pavlos Wambeke says:

    Did any you of you notice the clarity of the water ? remember when you could swim and feel like you where in space/ long gone quality, sewage waste and uncontrolled abuse has not only destroyed the fisheries and water clarity .. I can smell the sun block some days and when they release there gray water the water silt to an opaque blue / tourism the blight of man (leave no venue of exploitation unexplored and abused) mans gift to man/ the total destruction of everything in gods creation that was beautiful and pristine….. WHY ? If I hear one more time there selling sun ” the biggest cause of sink cancer” I’ll get sick, and then apply a chemical that inhibits the skin for becoming red and signal man to shield himself from the harmful radiation / further stupidity and insult to logical cranial intelligence.

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