Murder in Paradise to feature death of Scots mum Jean Hanlon in Greece

Jean sent a text message to a friend which said “Help me” before she died and her family hope Channel 5 show might help them find the truth about what happened in Crete.

The death of a Scots mum in Greece is to feature in a TV documentary.

Jean Hanlon’s body was pulled from the sea near Heraklion in Crete, in March 2009, after she had disappeared for four days and sent a text message to a friend which said: “Help me.”

Her story will now be the subject of Channel 5 show Murder in Paradise and will air on Monday at 10pm.

Jean’s son Michael Porter, from Dumfries, believes she was murdered and has campaigned for years to have the case reopened by the Greek authorities.

Her death was initially ruled as accidental drowning but a post-mortem found signs of a struggle and injuries before her death.

Michael, who now lives in London, hopes that the Channel 5 show will put pressure on the Greek authorities to reopen 
the case.

He said: “At the end of 2017, my brothers and I took part in filming an episode of Murder in Paradise for Channel 5, which featured our mum.

“We are hoping this TV show might open enough doors and jog enough memories to give us the break we need.”

After Jean’s body was discovered in a harbour on the Greek isle police wrote it off as an accidental drowning.

But when her family insisted on a post-mortem, it was revealed Jean had suffered a catalogue of injuries, including shattered ribs, a punctured lung and facial wounds. Further tests revealed her neck had been broken before she hit the water.

The mum, from Dumfries, had lived in Crete since 2003.

After battling for justice for years, her family suffered a bitter blow last year, when prosecutors shelved the investigation.

She disappeared a few days before her body was found in the harbour at the capital Heraklion. It emerged that in the hours before she vanished, the mum had arranged to meet two male friends in a bar.

The family’s campaign forced the Greeks to open a murder inquiry and a Greek and a Belgian man were quizzed. Both said they were innocent and were released.

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