4th Sand Sculpture Festival held on Crete

Amazing sand statues sending messages for the protection of the marine ecosystem are currently on dislay at Ammoudara Beach in the municipality of Malevizi, in the Regional Unity of Heraklion, Crete. They are the creations of sand sculptors taking part in the 4th Sand Sculpture Festival entitled: “I won’t give up! Clean seas! Clean beaches!”

The festival, which is the only one in Greece that features sand sculpture professionals, with artworks up to three metres high, comes to an end on Tuesday but the sculptures, if everything goes well, will remain on the beach of Ammoudara until the end of the summer, or until they are torn down and swept away by the waves or possibly a storm.

It is under the auspices of the municipality of Malevizi and is supported by the region of Crete. It is organised by the cultural association of the Monastery of Malevizi with the collaboration of the sculptor Manolis Harkoutsis and the participation of artists Amalia Florou, Leda Pavli, Antonis Petrakis and Stratis Kavarnos.

The goal of the festival is to eventually become a permanent institution on Crete so that it can help sensitise people, especially the younger generation, about the major problem that environmental pollution represents.


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