Crete took part in the Korea World Travel Fair in Seoul

The region of Crete participated in the Korea World Travel Fair in Seoul, South Korea. The action came as a follow-up to the hosting in Crete a team of journalists from the TV hiking and trekking show “The Mountain”, featured on the state-run Korean channel KBS, which made a documentary on the Cretan mountains.

The promotion of Crete on the Korean market is taking place in the context of strengthening the extroversion of the region of Crete and in order to present the island on the Korean market, which is a very large market with high income level and culture. The Koreans are particularly interested in locations of natural beauty, history and the culture of the island. Crete is a destination that can offer alternative forms of tourism and authentic experiences all year long, considering that the Koreans are interested in mountain trekking, consumer goods markets, photography and even during off-season periods, since they are not interested in the sun and sea.

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