Ten-year strategic plan for tourism to focus on innovation, competitiveness and sustainability

“Tourism is the largest sector in Greece, where Greece has unquestionable – and to some extent untapped – comparative advantages,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday during his visit to the Tourism Ministry.

“The country needs a ten-year plan for tourism in the future, which, as Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis has said, will focus on competitiveness, innovation and sustainability. Today there can be no tourist product in Greece that does not give priority to environmental protection,” Mitsotakis stressed.

This plan will be drafted within the next six months, in cooperation with the tourism sector, the Prime Minister said, adding: “We want the contribution of the private sector, which is the one that kept Greek tourism up in the years of the crisis.” 

Mitsotakis concluded: “Our job is to make sure that things that have never been done before are at last done. That is why we want clear timetables, clear targets and we expect the relevant ministries to implement them. I hope this tourist season will be as successful as possible and that we will make the best use of our time to do what Greece deserves, not only for its citizens but also for its visitors.”

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  1. pavlos Wambeke says:

    Criminal contempt for the sea the environment and tourist , the waste management of Platania/ the wonton dumping of raw swage (Monday and then again on Tuesday) / the use of red flag days to dump your untreated waste is criminal … You even managed to dump your gray water on those days also/ all along the coast up to the Monastery at Koumbaroi ……

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