Schools reopen on Wednesday after the summer break

Greek schools reopened after the summer on Wednesday morning, with pupils and teachers attending the blessing service marking the launch of the new school year.

According to the education ministry, in an announcement on Tuesday, all school books have been printed and delivered to schools around the country, while teacher replacements have been found from the pool of supply teachers for most of the missing teaching staff. 

The ministry announced the hiring of 20,558  teachers last Thursday, noting that the funding that will be needed until the end of the year has been secured.

According to high school teachers’ union OLME, however, additional teachers are still needed in secondary education, especially for literature, physics and maths.

Education Minister Niki Kerameos went to the island of Leros on Tuesday, where she will attend the blessing services at public schools on Leros and on the island of Kalymnos on Wednesday morning. 

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