PM Mitsotakis: We are setting the bar of sustainable growth to become the best in the world

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressing on Saturday a Messinia (prefecture) Chamber event entitled “The major investments as catalyst for growth and good jobs for all: The example of Costa Navarino” stated that “we are setting the bar of sustainable growth to become the best in world and not compromise with anything less.

The prime minister explained that “this sustainable growth combines an upgraded tourist product with the environment protection, the promotion of our cultural heritage and the connection with the agrifood sector”.

“I will not allow tourist growth at the expense of natural wealth” he underlined adding that “the future should be growth prospect with clearly sustainable characteristics”.

Mitsotakis also referred to the investment of Costa Navarino underlining that “the possibility of an important investment initiative that cooperates and talks with the local community and economy constitutes a model on how growth can spread to a whole region”.

As he noted ‘we do not refer to investments that create closed-type ecosystems of prosperity but to networks that spread the wealth to businesses and to the workers beyond the limits of the specific investment”.

Mitsotakis said that it is very interesting the fact that the local community is following the path laid down by Costa Navarino adding that this investment contributes to the promotion of the region’s cultural wealth.

On the new job positions Mitsotakis said “I have pointed out many times how important are the private investments for the creation of new job positions”.

He also referred to the role of the state in the support of important investment initiatives “our government supports the healthy entrepreneurship through a web of interventions but also with the active cooperation of the regional and local authorities because the problems we are called to deal with are not of the central government’s responsibility”.


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