CNN Viewers Invited to Discover the ‘Unknown’ Greece

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis invited holidaymakers from all over the world to discover the “unknown” Greece, during his recent appearance on CNN’s “Quest Means Business” show hosted by renowned journalist Richard Quest.

Minister Theoharis appeared on the show on the sidelines of the World Travel Market (WTM) 2019 trade show that ran in London during November 4-6.

In the interview, the Greek minister referred to Greece’s goals for the development of its tourism sector and also touched on issues concerning investments in tourism and Brexit.

The ‘unknown’ Greece

“Greece is suitable for visitors of all ages,” the minister said, adding that travelers can visit the country in the winter as well.

While mentioning diving specifically as a form of tourism that tourists can enjoy in the country, Minister Theoharis highlighted that Greece has a lot to offer.

“Our goal is for foreign visitors to discover the’unknown’ Greece,” he said.

Moreover, the minister underlined that the Greek tourist product offers visitors value for money.

“Our product is getting better and better in terms of quality and services are constantly being upgraded,” the minister said, informing Quest that Greece has seen more and more investment in tourism in recent years – a fact that is also reflected in figures.

“We may have a one-digit increase in the number of tourists visiting our country (this year), but we have double-digit growth in revenue from travel,” he underlined.


Minister Theoharis appeared confident in regards to arrivals to Greece from UK after the country leaves the EU.

“A very large percentage of tourists visiting Greece come from the United Kingdom. We are confident that as time goes by, British citizens will learn everything they need to know about Brexit and plan their holidays and their lives properly. And this will be positive for British tourists visiting Greece.”

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