More than 50 Greek wine labels in ProWine China fair

Οver 50 labels of Greek wine were presented at the Shanghai International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits, “ProWine China”, which opened its doors on Tuesday and will run until 14 November. The Greek pavilion, organised by Enterpise Greece, hosts seven wineries with wines representing a broad range of white, red, sparkling, rose and  sweet wines as well as the traditional tsipouro with designations of origin from Zitsa, Mantineia, Santorini, Samos and Mount Athos. The large majority of the wines are from Greek varietes and are already available in stores in China.

ProWine China is in its 6th year of operation. Last year’s exhibition included 750 wine producers and distributors from 39 countries, with the number of commercial visitors totaling 18,900, up 33.2 pct from 2017.

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