January 20, 2021



Samaria Gorge an important factor for bringing foreigners to Crete

The gorge of Samaria, on Crete, is one of the main reasons why foreign visitors choose the island as a holiday destination, according to a survey conducted by the Crete Polytechnic, the Mediterannean Agronomic Institute of Chania and the University of Crete.

According to the same survey, revenues from visits to Samaria Gorge significantly support the local economy.

The Samaria National Park is a specially protected area which is a very popular tourist destination that is known worldwide. Since 1981, when the number of visitors began to be recorded, approximately 130,000 people per year visit the site during the summer. The total number of visitors in the last five years reached 744,288 said the Chania Forest Directorate.

When the visitors were asked to what extent their decision to visit Crete was affected by the existence of the national park of Samaria, 32.3 percent of the visitors replied ‘very much’ or ‘decisively’.

The ticket price to enter the gorge and the forest is 5 euros and the price has stayed the same since the admission fee was established. However, according to the survey, eight in 10 visitors said they very satisfied, while in the last years the number of visitors who consider the price low is tending to increase.

1 thought on “Samaria Gorge an important factor for bringing foreigners to Crete

  1. I am sorry for the clowns that think the Gorge is that important , I find it rather stupid and limited in scope / at best its a side trip for the frustrated self centered. Crete has more to offer than that cleft or mini valley / parking is limited the path or trail is poorly managed at best and dangerous. “It will always be the food “/ On the disappointed side the coastal water’s that your poisonings each year with poor waste management is insidious ./ And the service above all is always outstanding , but that has diminished each year as your demand for incremental tourism increases. Traffic is a major issue/ the highways have become increasingly dangerous each year /road rage increases are common / and the prices are out of control for cheeses and fish……

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