Geoscientists preparing comprehensive ‘Seismotectonic Atlas of Greece’

Greek geoscientists are currently preparing the first comprehensive “Seismotectonic Atlas of Greece” that takes into account the latest advances in earthquake science and can serve as a basis for realistically estimating earthquake risk throughout the country.

The project was outlined to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) by its coordinator Ioannis Kassaras, an assistant professor of geophysics at the Athens University Department of Geology and GeoEnvironment.

He explained that “seismotectonics” seeks to relate earthquake activity to active rifts and the deformation of the Earth’s crust, leading to estimates of earthquake risk. The first ‘Seismotectonic Map of Greece’ was published in 1989, Kassaras said, but much had changed since that time.

“There has been rapid progress in the geosciences, both internationally and on a national level, given the development of digital technology, satellite applications, more advanced methodologies and a host of computing tools, as well as the availability of a great volume of high definition instrumental observations,” he noted.

The aim of the new atlas, according to Kassaris, will be to record the momentum of ground deformation in Greece, updated with the latest information available.

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