Petsas: Curfew measures will become stricter

“No country can withstand such a mass pandemic that creates a need for a huge part of the population to rush simultaneously to hospital,” said governement spokesperson Stelios Petsas in an interview with SKAI radio on Tuesday.

He also announced that curfew measures designed to contain the spread of the virus will become stricter, especially in terms of the time taken to complete an activity outside home, and stricter checks and people urged to combine their errands into one trip instead of going out multiple times a day. “Someone can’t use the form with the six choices for going out, three times in a day. We combine our trips to the supermarket, the pharmacy, our local bakery and then return home. This is the only effective defence at this moment. Most of the citizens comply faithfully but there has been abuse by a few, and these few can create a problem. That’s why we will make the framework stricter,” he said.

He noted that the government is concerned over the phenomenon of long lines forming outside the banks in the last two days, pointing out that tax and insurance payments have been suspended.

Once more Petsas referred to fake news on the internet and urged everyone to rely on official announcements and carefully select the media they use for information and news.

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