1,916 fines for violation of curfew law on April 1st, 139 on Crete

Greek police reported 1,916 violations of the new curfew regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Greece on April 1st.

On April 1st, throughout the country and a number of administrative fines were imposed, as follows:

824 in Attica,
140 in the Ionian Islands,
139 on Crete,
137 in Thessaloniki,
131 in Western Greece,
108 in the Peloponnese,
85 in Central Macedonia,
79 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,
72 in Thessaly,
69 in the South Aegean,
56 in Central Greece,
35 in Epirus,
34 in the North Aegean and
7 in Western Macedonia.

Since the measure was launched on Monday, March 23rd, 2020, (15,111) infringements have been established throughout the country and a number of administrative fines have been imposed.

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  1. The rules of isolation and travel permissions have been well publicised and the public seem to be well notified as these are adjusted where circumstances call for additions or changes.

    Quarantine regulations, for those returning to their residential homes from high risk countries e.g. Vietnam, Italy, etc., surely infers more stringent measures and stricter required adherence than ‘isolation’. Such regulations seem not to have been publicised in any detail to the general public.

    When the rules for quarantine were being worked on, it was reported that in the interim, those in quarantine would be called regularly from a central office, but this raises the question that if they are calling a mobile number, how would it be known where it was being used and where more than one person is in quarantine, how are the whereabouts of those additional persons confirmed? It was reassuring therefore to learn that the police do make a visit to the quarantined in their place of residence, but is this restricted to one visit, to explain the restrictions, or are additional ad hoc visits made to ensure compliance is being upheld?

    Publication of quarantine requirements, would clarify actions that need to be taken by the quarantined and to those who live In close proximity to them or anyone who thinks they might have witnessed suspected violations:
    e.g. For those under quarantine to be allowed to sit on their terrace/balcony seems a merciful and tolerable risk, however, when the quarantined decide midway of their 14day quarantine to wander around their garden, raising dust and all it might contain by using a leaf blower, (not a vacuum) not only in their own area but towards other close properties, one might ask what exactly qualifies as quarantine and what actions are regarded safe sensible activities or are a violation?

    One can understand that to be constantly within the home in a closed environment is not a natural way to live and when the weather is good, the temptation to leave the home and enjoy fresh air and sunshine must be great. However it begs the question :-Are the quarantined to be left to be trusted to honor their responsibilities, to contain their temptation to violate the rules, whatever they are! for their own and their fellow citizens sake? for their containment is a major contribution to keeping the people of Crete safe, or are their limited numbers monitored for compliance.

    Any elaboration on ‘set rules ‘ and ‘conditions’ of quarantine or information on published guidelines (preferably in more than one language) would be welcomed.

    A huge thank you to all the health care workers who risk their own safety every day to protect our health and to those who ensure our safety, provide information and maintain food supplies.


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