Georgiadis: Supply chain in Greece at 100 percent

“Until now the supply chain in Greece is operating at 100 percent and there are no shortages of food or any other goods. If there is a global problem there will be an international solution,” stated Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis, in an interview on Thursday with MEGA TV.

On Europe’s stance, he said that “Europe has a long way to go before reaching the collective solution it will decide. We always knew that Europe is slow to make decisions in a crisis because it is a complex endeavour, with conflicting interests and very different attitudes. Because I remain strongly Europhile, I am certain that a solution will be found in the end.”

On the production of antiseptics, Georgiadis said a large quantity of antiseptics was produced on Wednesday, the largest to date. Over 746,000 units of antiseptics were delivered to supermarkets, he revealed, adding that with those produced in pharmacies, which are 150,000 at least, this comes to 900,000 units daily.

Regarding the possibility that the emergency measures will become permanent, Georgiadis underlined that the emergency measures concerning labour relations will stop automatically once the crisis is over.


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