Dual weather fronts from north and south to ‘split’ Greece over weekend

Rain drops falling from a black umbrella concept for bad weather, winter or protection

A new low pressure system passing over the Gulf of Sidra, Libya on Friday will gradually move eastward, bringing a new cold front to Greece at the weekend.

The bad weather weather over the weekend will be notable for having a dual front, according to forecasts by the meteo service of Athens National Observatory on Friday, with one affecting the south and the other moving over the central and northern parts of the country.

Rain is expected on Friday in the southwestern parts of the country, which will gradually spread to the northeast, with the phenomena intensifying during the night.

The most intense phenomena are expected on Saturday, with rainstorms in central parts of the country. On Sunday, rain and storms will prevail throughout most of Greece, initially focused in northern and southern Greece and gradually moving south to central and southern Greece.

At the same time, atmospheric circulation will favour the movement of warm air currents from Africa, resulting in an increase of temperatures in the southern parts of the country, which in combination with the strong southerly winds in northern Crete will bring temperatures up to 25-26C.

On the other hand, cold air masses will keep temperatures low in the central and northern parts, bringing heavy snowfall in the central and northern mountainous areas.

Gale force winds will prevail in the Aegean from Saturday afternoon, reaching up to 9 and locally 10 on the Beaufort scale while the concentration of dust in the atmosphere will be high in southern parts of Greece, mostly on Saturday.


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