Taxpayers to be offered instalment plans after debt suspension ends, FinMin says

Outstanding obligations that have been suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic will be settled through instalment plans, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Friday.

Speaking to Alpha TV, Staikouras said that taxpayers will have an opportunity to pay their debts through plans that will be announced in due time. 

He also noted that a great number of businesses and individuals took the opportunity to pay off outstanding debts with a 25 percent discount offered by the government if bills were paid by the end of March. This had a positive impact on state revenues, he said.

Speaking of measures already implemented, he said they could continue into next month without drawing off the so-called cash buffer. “We are throwing additional arms in the battle gradually, and at the same time reserving fuel for the next day,” he said.

Asked to comment on recession, the Finance minister said that with current data and excluding measures, he foresees a 3 pct or 4 pct recession.

However, he stressed, the economy could revive significantly in the second half of the year and make up for part of that.


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