Tourism ministry launches ‘Greece from Home’ platform

The tourism ministry on Thursday presented the platform “Greece from Home”, a product developed through the cooperation of the National Greek Tourism Organisation, Marketing Greece and Google.

The new platform will give its web visitors the opportunity to discover the beauties of Greece and to “travel” to its cities and towns, to keep in touch with Greek culture – without leaving home. “Greece stays home but doesn’t stay home,” Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said.

“In addition to measures to protect public health, shield and restart the economy and rebuild Greek society, the government is also taking steps to strengthen the image of our country as a tourist destination in the framework of its overall strategic response to COVID-19 pandemic”, Theocharis underlined. 

The minister also said that that it is particularly important that in these difficult times the public and private sectors cooperate and work hard in order to prepare for the next day.

Asked when the Greek tourism industry will return to normalcy, Theocharis stressed that no one can predict when this will happen. This position is reinforced by the fact that no one knows what the future picture in the tank markets for Greece (Germany, France, Italy, America etc.) will be.


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