Government working on a plan to help Aegean Airlines, Georgiadis says

“We will not let companies, such as Aegean Airlines, without help,” stated Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis at a press conference on Thursday, during which there was a presentation of the financing tools for the support of the economy.

The minister noted that the “government is already preparing a plan for Aegean, which is not yet ready, so we are not going to announce the government’s comprehensive plan. We are looking into such a plan and our aim is that the company not find itself in a position of weakness.”

The minister said Aegean was a company of strategic importance and that its competitors are receiving state subsidies, which creates a problem with the rules of fair competition, so it is reasonable for the company to be concerned about its future.

Noting that the ministry was working on a plan to help the company, Georgiadis said the problem “is not whether the state will become a shareholder in the company but to present a comprehensive plan.”

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  1. Aegean Airlines one of the best airlines in the World.
    Such comfort travelling with their aircraft.
    Ryanair should take a leaf our of their book.
    As Ryanair left Cretans without a Winter domestic service for a few years recently they should take their aircraft back to ”Lepracaun Land” and dont come back to Crete.
    Cretans can use more reliable services .
    It seems that the attitude of Ryanair is to Cherry Pick” routes to suit themselves.
    Well they are welcome to do this but not at the expense of Crete or Cretans.,
    Long live Aegean Airlines for service and high class which they give their passengers.

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