No Covid-19 deaths recorded in last 24 hours, 2 cases bring total to 2,878

The Health Ministry announced two new confirmed coronavirus cases since Saturday, and no deaths, bringing the total of confirmed cases since the outbreak in Greece to 2,878, with 55.2 pct of these being men.
A total of 626 cases were sourced to travel abroad, and 1,635 to already known domestic cases.
Nineteeen people are hospitalized in intensive care units. Of these, six are women. At a median of 70 years of age, a total of 84.2 pct had underlying illnesses or were 70+ years old. Another 100 have left ICUs so far.
Greece records to date a total of 171 deaths, with 50 of these being women. The median age was 76 years, and 94.7 pct of the deceased had an underlying disease and/or were 70+ or older.
A total of 153,963 people have been tested in Greece so far.

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