No deaths from Covid-19 in last 24hrs, five new confirmed cases keep Greece’s numbers low

Greece registered 5 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday but no new deaths in the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry announced on Friday evening. 

Four of the five new infections were traced to a known source and one was diagnosed on an incoming flight. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Greece, the number of cases has reached 2,909 (adjusted figure). Of the total cases, 631 concern individuals infected during travel abroad and 1,660 people who were infected in Greece.

In hospitals, 16 people are in intensive care. Their median age is 67 years and 5 of them are women. A great majority (81.2 pct) have an underlying health issue or are aged 70 or above.

Another 105 have been discharged from intensive care units since the pandemic’s outbreak.

The total number of Covid-19 fatalities in Greece stands at 175, and 52 of these were women. The median age of all the deceased was 76 years and 94.9 pct had an underlying health issue and/or were 70+ years old.

Overall, 174,844 tests have been carried out in the country.

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