Theoharis presents amendment for boosting domestic tourism

Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis on Friday presented an amendment in parliament based on three initiatives for the promotion of domestic tourism. 

First is an increase of the Greek Manpower Employment Organization’s (OAED) subsidized social tourism programs to 30 million euros.
Second is a 10-million-euro tax relief program for companies, so they in turn can provide holiday coupons to employees. 

Third is bringing back the ‘Tourism for All’ program with a 30 million-euro budget, which provides subsidized holidays for the unemployed, pensioners and others who qualify due to low income. 

Theoharis noted that some 70 million euros will be applied to domestic tourism in total. He added that the ‘Tourism for All’ program was last implemented in 2013-2014 by the then New Democracy government, and currently concerns some 250,000 beneficiaries. The government, said the minister, is planning to expand the program to include as many hotels as is possible.

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