FM Dendias: Turkey’s illegal actions do not produce legal effects

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias on Monday stressed that Greece is ready to deal with Turkey’s latest challenge, if the neighboring country intends to pursue it. 

The minister was referring to a series of official requests published in the Turkish Government Gazette which concern the granting of a licence to the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) for maritime research and exploitation in areas that overlap with the Greek continental shelf. 

In a statement, he noted that “Turkey is trying to usurp the sovereign rights of Greece” and he also pointed out that this latest action stems from the “non-existent Turkish-Libyan memorandum.”

He also reiterated that Turkey’s illegal actions do not produce legal effects and are unable to infringe on Greece’s sovereign rights, which are based on International Law and International Law of the Sea.

“Greece’s positions on the matter and on the potential consequences of these actions for Turkey have been established,” Dendias noted and have been “repeatedly notified to Turkey.”

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