Petsas: Reopening of primary schools in line with the advice of the experts

The reopening of schools at all levels, including primary and pre-school levels, was welcomed by government spokesperson Stelios Petsas during the regular press briefing on Monday, where he stressed the strict observance of health safety rules.

Petsas said that the relevant decision was taken on the basis of the unanimous recommendation of the Committee of Experts, who took the following data into account:
– The course of the epidemic in the country
– Encouraging experience from the opening of high schools and lyceums
– The discovery that it is more difficult for children to get sick
– The fact that long absence from school hinders their learning process, their mental, social and psychological development
– That children are safer when rules are followed, as in schools, than in an environment without rules
– The fact that open schools reduce social inequalities and empower children from more vulnerable family environments
– The fact that students attending special schools have a special need to be in the school environment with their teachers and classmates both for their learning development and for their mental, emotional and social development.

“So we welcome our children to their natural environment, their schools,” he said.


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