Antibody testing starts on Greek islands, ahead of the June 15 launch of tourism season, says health chief

Greek islands are key to the smooth restart of the tourism season, said President of the National Public Health Organization (EODY) Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, speaking on Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s (ANA-MPA) radio station Praktoreio 104.9 FM on Tuesday. 

This is why, he added, floating health laboratories have collected sample checks at the islands of Milos, Sifnos, Folegandros and Kimolos, while antibody tests will be carried out next week at all 16 islands by EODY.

With the tourism season officially launching on June 15, when hotels reopen and incoming flights are allowed, Arkoumaneas underlined that EODY is on standby for the World Health Organization’s list of all the countries’ epidemiological performance, as this is likely to affect how health authorities in Greece carry out sample checks and more case-specific tests. 

EODY’s mobile health units are performing sample tests from Xanthi in northern Greece to the island of Crete in the south, he stressed, even though “all our attention is focused on the islands, as health coverage is more difficult there.” 

He then added that the strengthening of health stuctures there “is being implemented in terms of both human resources and also personal health safety protection (…), while the National Emergency Response Ambulance Service (EKAB) will be able to carry out more air transfers of patients if needed,” from islands to the mainland.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in a Tuesday announcement said it has secured an antibody test that will be performed first on all health professionals and employees in the National Health System (NHS) across the country by the end of June, with some hospitals and health centers in Attica region having already began using these tests on their employees as of Monday. 

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  1. I live in Chania.
    I started with #Covid19 on 16th October 2019.
    I told my son and posted on my Newsfeed on Facebook about my symptoms as they happened.
    2 days of feeling down, loss of balance, second evening started coughing uncontrollably dry cough.
    Woke up next 4 days with a hangover from hell although not drunk anything and burning tears in both eyes
    which hurt like hell. After exhaling needing to cough and not able to breathe in.
    On the second day a fever of 37.6 for about 4 hours.
    First 4 days not possible to eat anything then explosive diarrohea followed by starving hungry.
    Muscle pains everywhere.
    Six weeks later I had to go to the docter to schedule a CAT Scan preparatory to my Hernia operation.
    This revealed cysts in my lungs.Tsts done by her showed I had low blood pressure and only 71% Oxygen to blood level where I have always 97 or 98%.
    Had also previously been treated for Sepsis on most of my fingers and on one of my wrists which is just starting to disappear.
    Still have UTI like symptoms which started about a week after it did.
    Doctors had never heard of it then of course.
    I will be happy to be tested as having had it and to have my antibodies used for further research as soon as possible.
    Now tell me which sickness I had if not #COVID19

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