Greece Relaxes Covid-19 Measures in Shopping Malls, Restaurants

Shoppers in Greek malls are no longer required to wear a mask, according to a joint ministerial decision published recently in the Government Gazette.

According to the decision on rules to limit the spread of Covid-19 in private companies, public services and other public gathering spaces in Greece, the wearing of masks remains mandatory in shopping malls only for staff.

Moreover, the same ministerial decision has abolished the cap of six people per table in restaurants, bars and cafes.

It is noted that other rules taken for shopping malls and restaurants, regarding social distancing and how many people are allowed in one space (depending on the size), still must be followed.

Public transport

In addition, it is still mandatory for citizens (staff and passengers) to wear masks at train, metro and bus stops, as well as when traveling on those means of public transport.

All buses used for the transport of the public, including OASA city buses, KTEL intercity buses and tourist coaches, are allowed to run with 65 percent of their capacity.

Changes to the aforementioned rules may apply as the joint ministerial decision will run until July 12.

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