Health Min Kikilias: What interests us most is public health

We can’t keep the citizens forever at home nor confine tourists to their hotel rooms, stated Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Thursday, speaking to Star TV. “Obviously, what interests us most is public health and, on these terms, I can frankly state that this partial relaxation troubles me. On the other hand, we will address any situation that arises step by step, with calmness, professionalism and a plan.”

“It is obvious that we want to return to a partial normality,” he said, noting the government’s desire to support tourism and the economy but with respect for medical protocols and the health criteria set by the scientists, in the same way that Greece has operated up until now that, based on the results, is considered successful.

Referring to the issue of Serbia, Kikilias said that “as soon as we saw an increase in cases we immediately closed our borders and our scientists will decide when it is safe to reopen our borders with our friend and neighbour Serbia. There is a local and partial increase in the number of incidents in the Balkans and in other countries… as I said before, everything is re-evaluated daily and weekly”.

Kikilias said that the situation was under control and that the government will on no account allow things to get out of hand. “We have both a plan and the way, we have proved this. Up until now we have a greater number of cases from the road networks leading to our country than from the airlines. Nevertheless, this is something fluid and I repeat it may change at any moment,” he said, noting that both Greeks and tourists must comply with the personal protecton measures.

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