GNTO and Aegean join forces to promote Greece

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) and AEGEAN are presenting a new advertising campaign for Greek tourism entitled “Greece. More than a destination.”

In a very special period and with the focus now on 2021, the new campaign is a reminder that Greece is more than a holiday destination.

“The next time you plan your vacation in Greece, do not just think of a place, think of an emotion,” the main commercial urges the visitor and invites him or her to enjoy the unique experience of a Greek summer. Within 42 seconds, the viewer is transported to favorite Greek destinations and the emotions evoked are combined with the images of beautiful Greek landscapes and locations. Freedom. Euphoria. Relaxation. Fun.

You can watch the video “Greece. More than a destination” here:

On the occasion of the launch of the campaign, the Secretary General of GNTO, Dimitris Fraggakis, pointed out that “the GNTO continues to strengthen its strategic cooperation with AEGEAN, with the aim of promoting Greek tourism abroad. The campaign that is already running is extremely targeted and well thought out and, of course, is among the actions for a safe restart of our tourism. Especially at this time, cooperation with airlines is extremely important for the GNTO, as the main goal is to boost the number of foreign visitors coming to the country. Our cooperation with AEGEAN will continue in the next period on many levels. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the executives of GNTO and AEGEAN who worked hard to carry out the campaign under difficult conditions and to thank them for the excellent result.”

On her part, the marketing director of AEGEAN, Marina Valvi, stated that “at a time when the need to promote our country is vital, the strategic cooperation between AEGEAN and GNTO is more important than ever. This is because, especially now, the dynamics of synergies is what will give the necessary impetus for our country to be the most attractive destination choice. The campaign that we designed together with the GNTO, is based on the emotions that our country generates, because they are what stay in the mind and heart of the visitor, they are what visitors are looking for, even when they are not there. We do not invite visitors to Crete, Santorini, Ikaria. We invite them to joy, peace, freedom. And the feeling starts on their flight with AEGEAN, their first contact with Greece.”

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