Survey: 44% of Greeks Will Skip Vacation this Summer

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have affected the habits of Greek consumers and their willingness to travel, as 44 percent will not go on vacation this summer, a survey by the Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece (HRBA) reveals.

According to the survey’s findings, only 14 percent of consumers said they planned to go on holiday this summer, while 18 percent will take a vacation but change habits regarding holiday expenditure or accommodation choices.

Meanwhile, 24 percent of consumers said they had not yet reached a decision and are observing developments.

Fifteen percent of those who will go on holiday, plan to travel in July; 30 percent in August; and 10 percent later in 2020.

Only 1 percent of those polled said they were willing to go on holiday in June.

The survey was conducted between June 9-19, on a sample of 865 consumers, with the scientific support of the ELTRUN laboratory of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Regarding the selection of products, the HRBA survey found that one out of two consumers (49 percent) cites cost as the most important factor when purchasing food, and 23 percent the quality.

Furthermore, 10 percent of consumers said they choose a store to shop at according to its hygiene and safety standards. Six percent said “convenience” plays a big role when selecting where to shop, referring to the COVID-19 measures applied at stores.

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  1. Any idiot that would get on a plane or Boat has to have some mental issues , This is not tourism it’s suicide , more of that cell tower brain destruction . Getting on cruise ship in normal time is a lesson in Health challenges , there are suppose to be up to 200K infected Cruise ship employees infected with the Corona Virus , they have yet to clean the last Virus from there ship fleet where just about every cruise has a per/centile of the infamous intestinal flu. They have yet to find a cure for that , if you infect a cruise ship it might have to be burned to the water line. It’s there employees , the crew has high infectious surrounding exacerbated by the fact most have never had inoculation to even the common Polio virus.

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