Increasing passenger capacity on ferries a contradiction after hike in cases, Santorinios says

“The recent announcement increasing the maximum passenger capacity of ferries is a complete contradiction to the reality of increasing coronavirus cases and is a dangerous decision for public health,” stated main opposition SYRIZA MP responsible for Shipping and Island Policy, Nektarios Santorinios.

He said that it was indicative of the government’s inadequacy and the shipping ministry’s complete lack of plan.

Santorinios said that the government, flying in the face of common sense and contrary to the necessary protection measures, has increased the maximum number of passengers allowed to 80-85 pct of the ferries’ previous full capacity, instead of using a plan to increase the number of ferry journeys to each destination in order to meet higher demand while respecting public health.

SYRIZA called on the government to increase the number of ferry journeys and restore the 60-65 pct occupancy rate on ferries.


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