January 20, 2021



Hardalias: Six dead, one missing on Evia

Six persons died in the floods that struck the island of Evia while two others are missing, announced Deputy Civil Protection and Crises Management Minister Nikos Hardalias after a meeting on Sunday at the town hall of Vasiliko.

Among the victims are an 8-month-old infant and an elderly couple in the village of Politika while three other persons died in their attempt to escape the flood.

“It is a difficult day after a difficult night” Hardalias said.

Later, one of the two missing in Evia floods was located on Sunday afternoon alive and was rescued by a helicopter.

The missing woman was swept away by flood water while attempting to leave her house in Bourtzi. 

The second missing is a man who was with the woman and was also swept away by flood waters.

In the same area were found two, a 74-year old man and a 73-year-old woman, of the six dead.

The rescue operation continues to locate the other missing. 

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