The adoption of uniform rules will grant Greece a strong brand as tourist destination

“The big challenge for next year will be to strive for uniform rules in travel and tourism safety, which will be accepted and applied by all countries. The adoption of this measure will grant Greece a strong safety brand as a tourist destination,” Deputy Tourism Minister Manos Konsolas said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Tuesday, while visiting Corfu.

He noted that 2021 “will also be a difficult year for Greek tourism. As long as there is no safety and no vaccine, it is a given that people’s travel and habits will be affected. Our first goal is to support the tourism sector during this difficult winter. Our message is that no one will be on their own, that we are together in difficult times and together we will succeed,” he stressed.

The deputy minister underlined, however, that health safety was built through our own actions, adding that health rules must be observed scrupulously until the virus has been fully defeated.

“In cooperation with regional authorities, we will join forces and pave the way for the future. The strategic tourism plan for the Ionian Islands is part of the development of the country’s strategic plan,” Konsolas stated.


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