August Inbound Traveler Flows to Greece Sink Due to Covid-19

The number of inbound visitors to Greece in August 2020 was down by 73.3 percent year-on-year to 1,807 thousand as a result of restrictive measures aimed at curbing the coronavirus pandemic, according to data released by the Bank of Greece.

More specifically, inbound traffic through Greek airports dropped by 58.9 percent and by 96.3 percent via road border points.

Travel receipts for the same month fell by 66.5 percent year-on-year – down by 58.4 percent to 979 million euros in EU resident spending and by 76.5 percent to 394 million euros against 1,675 million euros in 2019 by non-EU visitors.

Broken down the number of incoming travelers form the EU declined by 68.4 percent and by 81.7 percent for non-EU visitors. The number of visitors from within the euro area fell by 53.0 percent to 1,087 thousand, while non-euro area travelers fell by 86.6 percent to 263 thousand against 1,954 thousand in August 2019.

In terms of source countries, the number of visitors from Germany fell by 42.4 percent to 414 thousand, from France by 45.4 percent to 184 thousand, from the UK by 52.8 percent to 349 thousand, from the US by 97.7 percent to 4 thousand, and from Russia by 99.9 percent to 0.2 thousand.

January-August 2020

Overall, for the eight-month January-August 2020 period, incoming traffic decreased by 78.0 percent to 4,813 thousand compared to 21,842 thousand in the same period last year.

The number of inbound travelers through airports fell by 77.0 percent and by 79.9 percent through road border points.

Broken down, the number of inbound visitors from the EU dropped by 75.7 percent year-on-year to 3,142 thousand, with non-EU visitors down by 81.3 percent to 1,671 thousand.

At the same time, travelers from the euro area fell by 74.1 percent, with non-euro area visitors down by 78.0 percent in the same eight months.

A closer look at source markets reveals a 72.7 percent decline in the number of visitors from Germany to 726 thousand and a 76.4 percent drop to 272 thousand in the number of travelers from France.

The number of incoming travelers from the UK dropped by 78.8 percent to 528 thousand, by 88.2 percent to 93 thousand from the US, and by 94.3 percent to 22 thousand from Russia.

July, one of the three main months for tourism in Greece,  saw the number of inbound arrivals plunge by 85.4 percent to 828 thousand impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

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