PM Mitsotakis chairs meeting of mayors, ‘Greece 2021’ committee on projects honoring the Greek Revolution while ‘looking forward’

The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution provides local governments the opportunity to propose projects that answer local needs and serve them for the long term, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Friday, during a meeting with the “Greece 2021” organizing committee and 114 mayors.

At the teleconference meeting, the premier said all proposals to commemorate the aniversary will look to the future and be part of the larger development project “Antonis Tritsis”. Proposals should “meet future challenges – such as basic environmental or digitization infrastructure – or relate to skills or modern takes on our past,” Mitsotakis said, adding that “this effort must embrace all of Greece.”

“Greece 2021” chairperson Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalakisaid said the committee had contacted 332 town and regions. Of these, 114 submitted 383 proposals, and of these 151 relate to development. They involve environmental and energy issues, viable urban transport, training centers and digital museums.

She said that the committee’s initial resources total 50 million euros, and 102 projects in 59 towns and regions – worth 36 million euros – could proceed immediately.

Retail stores

Among other comments, the premier also asserted that any towns under high alert during the coronavirus pandemic will be financially supported, and that retail trade stores there will remain open as long as preventative coronavirus measures are observed. He warned that winter will be difficult in terms of infections, as more people will spend it indoors, but called on mayors to convince younger generations especially to keep to the hygiene and social distancing measures.

The meeting was attended also by the Interior minister and the umbrella union of cities and towns, KEDE.


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