January 21, 2021



Electricity consumption rose in November

The consumption of electricity, which increased in November compared to the corresponding month in 2019, shows a completely different picture in relation to the “lockdown” in spring, according to figures released by ADMIE on Monday.

According to ADMIE data, the picture of November consumption – a few days before the end of the month – indicates an increase in demand by 1.42 pct compared to November 2019 (3,552 gigawatt hours this year compared to 3,502 last year). In comparison, in March 2020, when the first “lockdown” was imposed, the demand for electricity decreased by 3.44 pct, followed by April with -12.18 pct, May with -10.15 pct, June with -17.19 pct.

Demand in July and August declined by 4-6 pct.

By comparison, demand for heating oil showed a significant increase this year (up until May) while demand for other fuels fell.

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