January 21, 2021



ANEK Lines donates tablets to students of Chania

Greek passenger shipping company ANEK Lines has donated tablet devices to the students of the Chania Municipality on Crete aiming to support their access to the Greek Education Ministry’s tele-education program.

“For all of us at ANEK Lines, children are the future of our country, the hope and the reason why we continue to fight every day,” the company’s Vice President Spyros Protopapadakis said in an announcement.

Elementary, middle and high schools currently are closed in Greece, as the country entered a second national lockdown in early November due to the increasing coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. Students therefore are continuing lessons via tele-education.

“In these special circumstances, with the pandemic spreading and the distances widening, we shouldn’t let our children deviate from knowledge and learning, as these are the foundations that will help them build a better world,” Protopapadakis added.

ANEK Lines continues to stand by local communities offering solidarity and support. It actively supports the Municipality of Chania and covers the needs of dozens of families and students.

“With sensitivity and care, right before a different Christmas period, the company sends a message of hope and optimism for tomorrow,” the announcement said.

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