January 21, 2021



Dimas at 7th Technology Forum: Greek rapid test ‘a huge national success’

Deputy Development and Investments Minister Christos Dimas, in his address to the 7th Technology Forum held in Thessaloniki on Tuesday, referred to the innovation infrastructure being set up in Attica and Thessaloniki as part of the effort to establish more effective links between research, innovation and the market – a strategic priority for the government.

He also added that the first Greek rapid test for the novel coronavirus was a fact and called its creation a “huge national success”, which was the result of the Development and Investment Ministry’s collaboration with the Greek research and scientific community.

“Thessaloniki will have soon its own innovation and technology park where fresh ideas will find support via the ecosystem that has been created, so that they can become the technologies of tomorrow. The target is for (the fourth-generation technological park) Thess INTEC to become an international hub for innovation that not only offers an environment for the development of high-tech products but will also become a centre for research and knowhow. At the same time, we are building an innovation district in Athens where research centres, startups and the R&D departments of companies will have the opportunity for synergies aiming at the production of innovative products and services,” he said.

The minister also referred to the importance of Elevate Greece (the digital portal for startups) which opened a month ago.

Dimas expressed his conviction that the pandemic has made the vital role researchers, scientists and technology for human health and prosperity evident to all.

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