April 12, 2021



Holy Synod opposes government decision for stricter measures on Epiphany

An emergency online meeting of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece on Monday ended with a decision to withhold consent from the government’s decision for stricter restrictive measures during Epiphany than those that applied on the Christmas and New Year holidays, including a ban on the public’s attendance of church services for the blessing of the waters.

The church’s leadership has instead insisted on the initial agreement made with the state, which allowed churches to open on high holidays.

They decided to send a letter of protest to the government, “considering that dialogue is the only way to resolve the issues that concern the state’s relations with the religious communities that exist in the Greek State.”

It also urged the leadership of the EU and the government to take steps to ensure a sufficient number of approved vaccines for the public, noting that the “right to health belongs to all.”

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