March 2, 2021



Civil Aviation extends flying restrictions through Jan 18

The aviation directive is extended until Monday, January 18, 2021, which allows only essential domestic travel at all airports in the country.

In particular, with new NOTAMs of the Civil Aviation Authority, aiming at the protection of passengers and citizens from COVID-19 disease, the aviation directive concerning domestic flights is extended until 18/1/21 at 06:00 in the morning, (regularly passenger flights, general aviation and business routes – domestic flights, commercial and general / business aviation), which provides that only essential domestic travel are allowed (Essential Travel) at the airports of the country, which includes travel for health, business / for business purposes, for objective family reasons (family reunification) and for return to permanent residence.

The following flights are excluded from notam:
* Hellenic national healthcare system flights.
* State flights.
* Sanitary flights.
* Humanitarian flights.
* Emergency flights.
* Military flights.
* Cargo flights.
* Fire fighting flights.
* Frontex flights.
* Technical landing where passengers do not disembark.
* Ferry flights.

2 thoughts on “Civil Aviation extends flying restrictions through Jan 18

  1. Cancellation of Winter Schedule Service of Ryanair bye bye and dont come back to Crete
    Again this Winter Ryanair have left Cretans with no scheduled air service from Chania to Athens and Salonica.
    Cretans are not happy with the service provided by Ryanair.They seem to want to CHERRYPICK services within Greece for Winter months with no apologies.
    Well the attitude of Cretans is that Ryannair can take their planes back to ”Leprechaun Land” and dont come back.byebye to Ryanair.The Cretans have got a replacement airline to fill the void left by Ryanair.

  2. Looks like a very strict shut down , why ? Are people trying to escape from the tyranny of Pandemic controls. Freedom. I want my life back and a Job. Too feed my family ! Not the public feeding trough hand outs. I want to pry , go to vespers , meet with people and family , I want a life back . If we have another season shut down what will be the condition of the country , how will it support it’s people ?

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