March 2, 2021



Former PASOK minister Valyrakis found dead

The 77-year-old former PASOK minister Sifis Valyrakis, who had been missing since Sunday noon when he had set out in an inflatable boat, was found dead in the sea near Eretria and the small island of Pezonisi later the same day.

A Coast Guard operation to locate the former minister began on Sunday afternoon, with the participation of nearby private boats, a Navy helicopter and a team from the Submarine Missions Unit.

According to sources, the inflatable boat was found deserted, with no one on board, having run aground near the islet of Aspronisi. The engine of the boat was still running, while inside the boat there were two spearguns.

Later on Sunday, the body of the former minister was also found near the island “Pezonisi”, about a mile away from the boat.

According to Coast Guard officials, the 77-year-old probably slipped and lost his balance for some reason, falling out of the boat into the sea.

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